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New Cat Patient

Your First Visit:

We LOVE cats at Green Valley Veterinary Care and we know they are not small dogs. They will be scared and timid as it is rare for them to leave the house and go on car rides. We will take this into consideration for their visit with us.

We prefer a cat carrier that can be taken apart or opens from the top. We will never “dump” your cat out of its safe spot. We will also not reach into a carrier and grab your cat to drag it out. These acts do not make your cat feel safe or welcome.

Cats over six months of age will not be “scruffed” or grabbed by the back of the neck as a form of restraint. Scared cats will bite and scratch for self defense and staff safety is always a top priority. We will use a towel to wrap and restrain your cat. We may also place an e collar around your cat’s neck to prevent biting. These methods may be new for the owner to see, but we guarantee it is the most gentle approach to caring for your cats.

Some cats benefit from sedation at home before their appointments. We can discuss this at your first visit. Sedation is safe and effective for your cat so they receive the most complete care.

At your appointment we will present you a care plan to go over the cost of services that need to be performed, test that need to be run, and treatments/vaccines that will be administered. The doctor will perform a physical exam and address any concerns you may have.

We can not wait to meet you and your feline friend! If you have any questions before your appointment please reach out to us.

Please Note: Feline declaw surgery is not performed.

We LOVE cats at Green Valley Veterinary Care.

Declawing a cat is the removal of the first knuckle of every finger to remove the bone and nail associated with it.

Dr. Mathews has always had a strong stance against declawing cats. Her belief is surgery should be learned and performed with the mission to improve an animal’s quality of life and not for cosmetics or behavior modification.

Please take a minute to read the American Association of Feline Practitioners stance on declawing. They are the leaders of feline health and veterinary care.

The below article published in 2018 is a study that was performed assessing cats behavior and health after declawing. It concluded that declawed cats are more likely to suffer from back pain, urinate and defecate outside the box and demonstrate more aggressive behavior

Green Valley Veterinary Care can offer recommendations and advice on how to train your cat to use their nails in a polite manner. We offer soft paw nail covers application or we can teach you how to apply them at home.

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